Build your business

Build a Site, build your business.

In today’s world of fast paced business environments, having a web site is more important than ever, whether you building a new business or taking an existing one to the next level. With Instastore we provide you with all the tools you need to build a professional looking website with all the bells and whistle you need to build your business.

Name game.

One of the biggest assets you have is your business name. That’s why we provide you with custom domain names and matching e-mail addresses to assist you in building your brand. If you already have a domain name, it is a simple integration process to bring your current domain name over to your new site.

Get their info, while you give them yours!

Collecting customer info is always a tricky challenge. We make it easy with our simple to use newsletter feature that allows customer to sign up with their contact info, and gives you the opportunity to tell them about new products, future promotions or calendar events.

Have an opinion to share?

A great way to drive repeat traffic to your site is with a blog. We make it easy with our fully functional, feature laden built in blog. You can share opinions on hot topics and generate interesting conversation that shows your customers how knowledgeable you are about your line of business.

Custom is cool!

Customizing your site to fit the personality of your business is easy with simple type, click and save features. You can choose from over 1,700 customizable background templates, hundreds of colors and add photos of your own. Don’t have any photos? Just select some from our library of over 1,200 stock professional photos that can add that “just right” touch to your website.

Tell them where to go.

Phone books are a dying breed. Nearly everyone uses the web to find the store or services they need. Why not give them a map so you know they can find you. Our unique map feature allows you to imbed maps on your web site with easy to follow directions, so you can rest assured your potential customers can find you.

Learn all you can about your customers.

Another great feature we provide is the ability to build custom forms to generate more knowledge about your customers, give them the opportunity to better define what they’re looking for or help you build the type of data base you need to make a bigger impact in your market. Contact pages, registration forms or information blocks, they’re all easy to create with our simple website building tools.