E-store made EASY!

Put your site to work for you!

Know why e-stores are the rage? Because you can literally make money while you sleep! Our simple and fast tools can put your business in “open” mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with automated tax and shipping calculators, instant payment processing, order notification and all the tools you’ll need to get your store online and working for you today.

Seeing is believing.

Building product catalogs is made easy with our simple to use catalog editor. You can change descriptions, add photos, set prices as simple as click and save or drag and drop. Want to sell e-books or other downloadable products? We give you that feature too!

Build the sale.

Upselling is easy!

We know you want to maximize every sale, so we give you the ability to add complimentary items or suggest cross merchandising items on every page of your catalog. The upselling opportunities are endless.

What’s the count?

When you’re doing all these sales, you might start to worry about controlling your inventory. We help you there as well, with our automated inventory feature. You simple add in your inventory counts to the products as you put in your detail and your inventory level will be adjusted with every sale.

Flexibility in store settings

Add some flair!

If you want to stand out a little more, or add some fun to your site, we even give you the option to customize your “shopping cart” to reflect the personality of your site!

Money, money, who’s got the money?

You want your customers shopping 24/7 so the ability to accept credit cards is a “must have”. Instastore offers you the ability to use PayPal, the most accepted online payment service in the world. Already have your own merchant account? We have the flexibility for you to do that as well, or help you set up your own merchant account!

Shipping made simple.

Calculating shipping charges is easy with our built in calculators for UPS, USPS and FedEx. You can even put in your own custom shipping charges if you like!

Who’s order is it anyway?

Order notification by e-mail.

When those orders start flowing in and out, Instastore will help you track them. We send you e-mail notifications when the orders come in with all the detail of the order. You track the orders easy too by just selecting the order status and adding notes in our handy details box. You can even have all your detail exported to a spreadsheet or text to keep an electronic copy or hard copy.

Exportable detail

Your website will track all your detail, but if you want a hard copy you can export it to a spreadsheet or to text for printing.

Track your shipments

It’s easy to keep track of your orders. Just select your order status and we have a built-in section for adding any detail notes specific to that order.

Instastore has all this and more!:

No set-up fees & no long term contract – it’s your own merchant account!

You read that right! With Instastore’s special partnership you can get your own merchant account that allows you to accept credit card payments and have them deposited directly into your business account. You get the account with no long term contract and now extra fees.