Marketing Efficiency

Get more bang for your marketing buck!

Having a great website is important to any successful business today, but getting it noticed is another ball game altogether. Instastore offers you the tools you need to make the most from your marketing dollars, with search engine optimization, sales stats, visitor stats and numerous other features to help you in find and define your customers.

If you find them, they will come.

Marketing is expensive, so making the most from your marketing dollars means they go further and you get more for your money. Instastore provides you with a free HitsLink account, making access to the information you need to know most, like:

  • Top ranking search key words
  • Where are your customers coming from
  • What pages get the most readership
  • The list goes on!

Getting to know you.

Instastore makes getting to know you easy. We provide a simple to use meta tag editor and custom URLs that get your site noticed by search engines and do away with the need to mess with confusing HTMLs.

Break the code to higher sales.

One of the most popular tools websites are using today is promo codes. Instastore includes the ability for you to give discounts on whatever product or service you select, by using promotion codes that are entered at the time of checkout. You can use these codes to define who is promoting your business, where customers are coming from and how effective your marketing is to certain segments. Your only limit is your imagination.

The cheapest marketing, is FREE marketing. $350 worth!

At Instastore we want you to succeed! That’s why we start you off with $350.00 worth of partner credits and bonuses, including a Google AdWords credit of $75.00. Google AdWords has proven to be the most effective and most often used online advertising choice. It’s also the express lane to getting your website on the “Front Page” of Google searches.