Technicians Not Needed.

Let us handle the tech stuff!

We know your expertise is running your business not all this technical gobble-d-gook. That’s why we handle all the tough technical stuff, so you can focus on your business. Instastore offers you the peace of mind to know your site will be ready for business, backed up and always secure

Hosting is our specialty.

Once you’ve built your site with our fast and simple tools, getting it online is as simple as hitting the “save” button, to put it online to the world. We do the hosting so you don’t have to worry about it.

Bandwidth included.

We monitor and provide you with the bandwidth you need. When your business grows and you need more bandwidth, we provide it at no additional charge. We want you to succeed and we don’t think you should have to pay more for success.

Security on board.

One more way we provide you with a worry free site, is to include the standard in website security, 128 bit SSL encryption. This feature gives you and your customers secure transactions during and after the sale.

Updates completed.

To make sure you are always running at the highest efficiency, we keep your web builder updated with the newest features and software updates. Updates are automatic and at no additional charge to you.

We’ll back you up.

Backups are important, but we all know in the everyday life of business, they are often forgotten. So you don’t have to worry, we automatically and constantly backup your data to make sure it’s safe and secure.