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Doctor’s Office Websites

Public demand for healthcare information has sky-rocketed the use of the internet as a research tool. 

Couple that demand with the demise of the phonebook and rise of the internet for finding any type of service or retail outlet and you have created a near necessity for doctors office websites.  

Today fulfilling that necessity has become easier, more affordable and faster than ever before with Instastore, the simple, fast and inexpensive way to build your own site.

Programmers need not apply.

If you can send an e-mail, you can build a website with Instastore’s easy to use tools.  We feature a one page “dashboard” that contains all the tools you need to add content, upload pictures or videos, change the appearance of your sight or view your pages.   It’s as simple as type, click and save to add content and loading pictures is as easy as sending an attachment on your e-mail.

Everybody knows your name.

Another great feature of Instastore is the ability to have a custom domain name and e-mail.  This feature makes it easier for patients to remember where to find you and how to keep in touch with you.  It also gives you the professional look of much larger companies.

Keep the faithful informed.

Blogs and newsletters are great ways to keep your client base informed about schedules, up-to-date on changes and knowledgeable about health issues.  Instastore includes both so you can maximize your ability to keep your patients informed and attract potential patients with sought after understanding of current health issues.

Maximize your marketing knowledge.

Knowing how effective your marketing dollars are is always important.  We offer you the ability to know where your clients are coming from, what pages of your site they visit most often and statistical reports on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.  We also offer you the ability to have custom input forms for building data bases and customer contact list.

You build the site and we support it.

Not only is it easy to build your site, but we offer you step by step instructions along with tutorial videos.  If you still need more help we have a help desk you can contact.

On the technical end we provide doctor’s office websites full hosting, band width propagation, free updates and automatic backups.   We support your site so you can focus on your clients.