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Small Business Websites

The biggest advantage small business has over big business is the ability to make decisions and change directions quickly.  Small business websites support that advantage and now, with Instastore you can build a web presence easier, quicker and more affordable than ever before.

Making the complex simple.

Instastore has a one page “Dashboard” that brings all our simple tools together on one page.  With type, click and save features, building content is as easy as sending e-mails.   Uploading pictures or informative videos is as easy as sending attachments.   Everything you need to build your website is at your fingertips including step by step instructions and tutorial videos.

Build your brand.

Your company name is your brand. We offer you custom domain names and e-mail addresses to make it easy for customers to find you and keep in contact with you. These tools also lend a professional appearance to your business and your site. You also get the ability to choose from over 500 customizable templates offering you that just right appearance for the image you want to portray.

Increase your market share.

Part of our package includes a great shopping cart feature. You can upload product pictures for catalogs, set your own pricing, accept credit cards and organize shipping to give your business a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week shopping presence. Increase your business while you sleep!

We also provide you with other great web traffic building features like simple to use blogs, newsletters, add on apps, plug-in social networks and the ability to gather customer base information with customized forms.

Get more for your marketing dollars!

Advertising budgets are never enough, so getting the most from every dollar is important. At Instastore we know small business websites need the tools to know where customers are coming from, what pages on their sites are the most popular and what statistical information is needed to maximize results from every dollar spent. We have it all.

It sounds too easy, what about the hard stuff?

Building your website is easy! Of course there are some technical things like hosting, bandwidth appropriation, credit card security, updates and data backups, but don’t worry, we do all that for you. That way you can use your time where it’s needed the most, building your business.